Arduino Mega Based In-Circuit Tester Setup

Software installation, build and programming.

Arduino Development Software - Installation

The Arduino software can be downloaded from Using the Windows Installer option leave all the options as they are set by default. When the USB driver install pops up click to install the USB driver.

Arduino Development Software - Configuration

Launch the Arduino software. If you get a "Windows Firewall has blocked..." pop up then select the Allow options for network access (usually "Domain" & "Private" at least) and then "Allow access". In the Arduino environment perform the folowing configuration:

In-Circuit Tester Software - Installation

Unzip the in-circuit tester software package into the "Sketchbook location:" configured above. This gives a layout as follows:


In-Circuit Tester Software - Build

In-Circuit Tester Software - Download/Programming

In-Circuit Tester Probe Head - Jumper Settings

There are 2-pin GND jumpers that must be inserted into positions that match the CPU under test:
CPU Jumper V1.01 Probe jumpers
Z80 29-GND
8085 GND-20
2650 21-GND
6502 1-GND & 21-GND
6801 1-GND
6809 1-GND
6800 1-GND & 21-GND
V30 GND-20
8035 GND-20
6701 GND-30