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I saved one of these from of recycle bin at work one day (I'd been waiting for it to end up discarded for a while). As I found it, it had only the V5.60 System Boot disk and and Algorithm Set 2 disk in the drives with nothing else. The unit appears to work OK. Eventually I bought an update pack off Ebay that had full sets of a few versions that are now archived here.

PC Connectivity

We used to use Hyper Terminal to talk to it at work and it still works fine on Windows 7. The data transfer is a bit awkward using the serial port so I use the load/save to floppy option along with a USB floppy drive to transfer files.

Data IO Unisite Hyper Terminal

Floppy Disk Image Sets

There are later versions archived elsewhere on the web but I can't get those to boot in my system - I suspect my system needs a BIOS update to be able to use the later verisons. These images were taken with OmniFlop (note that the floppy driver supplied is not required for DataIO/DOS format disks).

Version File Name Size Date
V3.50 V350.ZIP 695KB 12/05/2012
V5.80 V580.ZIP 2,771KB 12/05/2012
V6.00 V600.ZIP 2,978KB 12/05/2012


I found the manuals on various enthusiast sites around the web.

Manual File Name Size Date
User Manual UserManual.pdf 3,307KB 31/12/2011
Maintenance Manual MaintenanceManual.pdf 7,858KB 31/12/2011
Teac FD235HFA529 to 720K Emulation FD235HFA529_720KEmulation.pdf 1,327KB 30/12/2011