Star Wars Maintenance 2018

08/06/2018 - Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show (2018)

Atari Star Wars cockpit Atari Star Wars cockpit

The game arrived at the show OK and was working fine during setup on Thursday.

Atari power brick fuse block Fuse block replacement, before Fuse block replacement, after

On Friday morning the game was still working OK but shortly before the show opened it died. Initial inspection found the +5V missing, traced back to a blown 20A fuse F3 on the power brick. Replacing fuse F3 with 25A (apparently an Atari service bulletin upgraded F3 from 20A to 25A) brought the game back to life, but it was clear the fuse holder and power connectors were burned. One of the show medics had a new fuse block and the tools to replace the connector so we were able to properly fix it before the show opened.

Star Wars kids

The game ran OK for the duration of the show :)