Major Title to R-Type 2 (M84) Conversions

The conversions use a modified version of the M84-based game code created by Chris Hardy using his R-Type emulator.

Please note that these ROM image sets are not suitable for use with any emulator.

What you need

In addition to the 4 x 27C010 and 1 x 27512 already on Major Title that can be re-used, you will need the following items:-

Mask ROM Removals

The following ROMS need to be removed and 32-pin sockets need to be fitted in their place where applicable.

CPU Board
IC48 (C1)
IC49 (C0)
IC56 (C3)
IC57 (C2)

Video Board
IC36 (N3)
IC44 (N0)
IC45 (N1)
IC46 (N2)

Replacement EPROMS

Blank all the EPROMS and program in the hacked images according to the list below:-

CPU Board
*_V0 into 27C010 for location IC12
*_SP into 27C512 for location IC15
*_C1 into 27C020 for location IC48 (C1)
*_C0 into 27C020 for location IC49 (C0)
*_H1 into 27C010 for location IC51
*_H0 into 27C010 for location IC52
*_C3 into 27C020 for location IC56 (C3)
*_C2 into 27C020 for location IC57 (C2)
*_L1 into 27C010 for location IC59
*_L0 into 27C010 for location IC60

Video Board
*_N3 into 27C010 for location IC36 (N3)
*_N0 into 27C010 for location IC44 (N0)
*_N1 into 27C010 for location IC45 (N1)
*_N2 into 27C010 for location IC46 (N2)

Jumper Changes

There are few jumpers that need to be changed to reflect the EPROM memory configuration.

CPU Board
J2 (opposite IC12 pin 31) from "MASK" [--O] to " EP " [O--]
J4 (opposite IC48 pin 30) from " OT " [O--] to " 2M " [--O]
J5 (opposite IC48 pin 25) from "1MM " [O--] to " OT " [--O]

Hardware Modifications - CPU Board

Locate IC7 (43256-12). Cut the track leading from pad 1 on the solder side of the board.

Use the wire-wrap wire to make the following connections:-

IC7 pin 1 -> C36 GND (len. 6mm exc. bare ends)

Modified M84 Game Images

Game File Name Size Date
R-Type 2 RTYPE2MT.ZIP 933,002 03/11/1997