Crazy Kong Restoration


At the time I'd been looking for Crazy Kong for a while but only found converted examples of which this was one. I was also in need of a Pac'n'Paint marque that this cabinet had so I figured this was as good as any to start with. I think it came from eBay Germany.

05/21/2020 - Initial assessment

Zaccaria Crazy Kong upright, left Zaccaria Crazy Kong upright, centre Zaccaria Crazy Kong upright, right Zaccaria Crazy Kong upright, back

The exterior cabinet was in decent condition, some small dings on the side art and a small patch of spray paint on the right Kong. The marque & class weren't Crazy Kong and the original control panel overlay was missing, replaced by a plastic sheet. Crazy Kong is a vertical game so the monitor had been rotated and surround replaced.

Zaccaria Crazy Kong upright, inside left Zaccaria Crazy Kong upright, inside centre Zaccaria Crazy Kong upright, inside right Zaccaria Crazy Kong upright, credit PCB

The monitor appeared complete and in good condition. Some further investigation would be needed to figure out the impact of the rotation. The game PCB was a JAMMA bootleg I didn't recognize on a wooden plinth connected using a JAMMA adaptor. The cabinet connector appeared to have been replaced so may no longer have been Falcon Crazy Kong. The 1B1126 linear regulator PCB was missing and replaced by a standard arcade switched mode PSU. A 1B1185 credit PCB was fitted but both sides of the connector had evidence of hacks/rewiring. Possibly this was to replace an earlier 1B1145 credit PCB.

Power supply assembly Control panel, back Control panel connector

The switched mode PSU was hacked onto the fan power cable. There was also an unconnected terminal barrier on the power brick side of the severed cable to the marque light socket.

A different joystick had been fitted that replaced a chrome shaft style one, and the whole of the original control panel wiring had been replaced. The new control panel wiring connected to an edge connector in the cabinet that allowed the control panel to be removed.

05/23/2020 - First power on

Power supply voltage selection 240V IEC14 power plug Tecmo Solomon's Key

Since there was no visual problem with the hacked setup I decided to try a power on. The voltage selector was changed to 245V and the European power plug replaced with an IEC14. On first power on there was a picture on the monitor that identified the bootleg PCB as Tecmo's Solomon's Key. The picture was bright and stable but off colour, likely due to degauss issues. After a couple of minutes the picture started to shrink and the smell of burning filled the air as the 40 year old capacitors vented smoke. A cap kit would be needed before any further work on the monitor.