Eyes Restoration


This German market configured cabinet was acquired from eBay Germany in 2010.

10/02/2023 - Initial assessment

Zaccaria Eyes upright - left Zaccaria Eyes upright - centre Zaccaria Eyes upright - right Zaccaria Eyes upright - back

One of the reasons this game caught my eye on eBay was its original and very good external condition, making it worth the purchase and shipping from Germany to the UK. There's some wear here and there, but overall, it was in good condition all round.

Zaccaria Eyes upright - inside left Zaccaria Eyes upright - inside right

The inside of the cabinet was consistent with the outside, also in good condition. I didn't recall ever seeing a monitor cover in any other cabinet so I don't know if all cabinets had them but they were all removed for convenience or just this run of cabinets had them. There was also no game PCB fitted and the game PCB edge connector looked like it had been rewired.

Zaccaria Eyes upright - power supply Zaccaria Eyes upright - power supply Zaccaria Eyes upright - power block

All the power supply components were present and original except for a wiring hack done to the fan power supply that appeared to change it from 240VAC to the 128VAC used for the monitor. I suspect this was done to half the fan speed because the fan was noisy.

Various manuals Various manuals Domino Rimini envelope

In the bottom of the cabinet there were several items. Loose was a wiring adaptor that looked Konami to JAMMA and a Zaccaria Devil Riders(?) pinball upper playfield assembly card MOD 094. There were also two envelopes, a Zaccaria Eyes Instruction Manual envelope containing only a Hantarex MTC-900 manual but no game manual, and a Domino Rimini envelope containing a settings sheet for an MCB/003 credit PCB and Jungle King pamphlet.

Zaccaria 1B1185 credit PCB Coin door - back Control panel - back

This cabinet was late enough to have the 1B1185 GETT microcontroller-based credit PCB. All the credit PCB and coin door wiring harness looked complete and intact. The control panel also still had its back cover.

Monitor nicotine residue Zaccaria Eyes instruction sheet Game PCB edge connector

Both the CRT and monitor glass had a thick layer of nicotine residue, so despite the overall excellent condition of the cabinet it had been on route for a significant amount of time. The instruction card contained very simple German language instructions. Closer inspection of the game PCB edge connector confirmed it had been rewired to Konami.

12/02/2023 - First power on

IE-C14 power plug IE-C14 power plug Voltage selector plug

The Euro plug was replaced with my standard IE-C14 power plug for 240V use and the voltage selector set to the 245V option.

Hantarex monitor shroud MTC-900 monitor chassis

For maximum airflow circulation, and to see what smokes, the monitor shroud was removed revealing a very clean Hantarex MTC-900 monitor chassis. The shroud seems to have prevented a lot of dust build up but these cabinets need all the air flow they can get.

Zaccaria Eyes first power on

First power on yielded a marque light, coin door lights, monitor HV with faint raster (no PCB was installed) and no signs of smoke :)

15/02/2023 - Zaccaria Eyes PCB PA20230201 test

Cabinet & Eyes PCB serial numbers Zaccaria Eyes game PCB on the bench Eyes game screen

I had independently acquired some Eyes game PCBs that included one Zaccaria produced board. The serial number on that PCB was V137835, one before the cabinet V137836. It's the closest randomly acquired combination I'd seen. On the bench the game booted, coined and started but joystick 'up' was stuck. Visual inspection identified a broken resistor pack, RA9 (1K, 9-pin) that I ordered.

20/02/2023 - Techstar Eyes PCB PA20230202 test

Techstar Tech-III Eyes game PCB on the bench

The second PCB was a Techstar version that was missing the program ROMs and CPU. Using the Arduino ICT to pattern the video RAM revealed graphics characters that didn't look like they were from Eyes. The Arduino flagged several bad RAMs with bit 0x10 bad across all banks. To try to identify the game I put the graphics ROMs in the program ROM sockets to get a quick CRC to look up but neither ROM read consistently. Inspecting the CPU socket found all the pins sprained, consistent with header pins, and I suspected that the board was converted to another game with a daughter PCB plugged into the CPU socket with the program ROMs on it, now missing. The PCB was set aside for the time being.

11/03/2023 - Zaccaria Eyes PCB PA20230201 repair

Zaccaria Eyes game PCB on the bench Eyes game screen

Resistor pack RA9 (1K, 9-pin) was replaced that fixed the stuck joystick 'up'. Further investigation revealed that the "FALCON-A" wiring adaptor previously used for Falcon Video Hustler was slightly different - the -5V and fire buttons were connected differently. I built a new adaptor for the standard Falcon Crazy Kong & Eyes pinout tagged "FALCON-S". I must have known Falcon Video Hustler didn't match "standard Falcon" decades ago when I made the "FALCON-A" adaptor since I didn't give it the "S" Standard" moniker at the time.

11/03/2023 - Rock-ola Eyes PCB PA20230203 test

Rock-ola Eyes game PCB on the bench Rock-ola Eyes game PCB on the bench

The third Eyes PCB was a Rock-Ola version that ran OK on the bench. I noticed that there were at least two differences between the Rock-Ola & Zaccaria versions. The Zaccaria version displayed "Zaccaria" in attract mode and deleted the coinage text (since Zaccaria used an external credit PCB to set coinage).

13/03/2023 - Castors

Zaccaria cabinet feet Castors

The cabinet feet were replaced with castors.

17/03/2023 - Cabinet game PCB edge connector replacement

Replacement setup Wiring labels Wiring complete

Using the Konami pinout, Eyes pinout, reference JAMMA adaptor and a meter to confirm the cabinet wiring, a new game PCB edge connector was wired in.

18/03/2023 - Eyes power on

Eyes PCB in cabinet Eyes game - no flash Eyes game - flash

After one final wiring power check, the Eyes game PCB was fitted and powered on. Both game & monitor powered on OK with a good quality picture underneath the layers of dust & nicotine. The game also coined & played OK with good audio.

19/03/2023 - Wiring repair

Fan power wiring hack Fan power wiring repaired

The hack to run the 240V fan off the monitor 128VAC was restored back to original.

Unused wires Unused wires

During initial assessment I'd found some disconnected wires in the wiring harness. Investigation identified three small signal wires that appeared to route to the control panel connector but had no wiring through to the control panel itself and thus were unused. There was a thicker wire that I guessed was power and confirmed it was a connection to the unused -5 power output from the 1B1126 regulation PCB. With that mystery solved, the edge connector wiring was heat shrunk. in place.

19/03/2023 - PCB mounting plate

Game PCB mounting plate

A blank mounting plate was drilled out with holes for the PCB and mounted into the cabinet.

05/04/2023 - Monitor surround removal

Monitor surround - in cabinet Monitor surround - removed Monitor surround flattening

The control panel, monitor glass and marque were removed to allow the surround staples to be pulled out and the surround removed. After a wiped down cleaning with a damp cloth, the surround was set to flatten out.

05/04/2023 - Monitor CRT cleaning

CRT nicotine CRT cleaned

A thick layer of nicotine mixed with dust was cleaned off the CRT. Whilst the surround was out, the monitor side plates & mounting bolts were tightened.

06/04/2023 - Fan repair

Cabinet fan Cabinet fan clean & grease

Whilst it doesn't always work to fix these fans, the fan was disassembled, cleaned and bearings lithium greased to try it and see.

22/04/2023 - Monitor surround repair

Monitor surround - repair Monitor surround flattening

Overall the surround was in good condition aside from dust and a couple of tears around the side wall staples. The tears were patched and the surround set to dry.

28/04/2023 - Monitor surround refit

Monitor surround - done Monitor surround - refitted

The cleaned & repaired surround was refitted back into the cabinet.

13/05/2023 - Control panel cleaning

Zaccaria Eyes control panel - top Zaccaria Eyes control panel - bottom Zaccaria Eyes control panel - back

The control panel was in good condition, just some small cigarette burns and nicotine dirt to clean up. Under the back cover the wiring was complete and intact.

Broken clip Joystick - back

Alas, the joystick shaft clip broke apart during removal. It was approximately the same size as a button clip that seemed to work OK as a replacement.

Overlay removal Panel & overlay cleaning Button cleaning

All the buttons & overlay were removed, and everything was cleaned. Nothing was broken, even the joystick shaft dust cover was still intact.

Zaccaria Eyes control panel - cleaned

The control panel weas reassembled ready to go back onto the cabinet.

14/05/2023 - Marque artwork scanning

Zaccaria Eyes marque scan - left Zaccaria Eyes marque scan - right

Scanned in the Eyes marque.
600 DPI Eyes marque raw scan (137MB).

14/05/2023 - Monitor glass artwork scanning

Zaccaria Eyes monitor glass scan - top left Zaccaria Eyes monitor glass scan - top right
Zaccaria Eyes monitor glass scan - bottom left Zaccaria Eyes monitor glass scan - bottom right

Scanned in the Eyes monitor glass.
600 DPI Eyes monitor glass raw scan (475MB).

14/05/2023 - Control panel overlay artwork scanning

Zaccaria Eyes control panel overlay scan - left Zaccaria Eyes control panel overlay scan - right

Scanned in the Eyes control panel overlay.
600 DPI Eyes control panel overlay raw scan (94MB).

17/05/2023 - Monitor cap kit

MTC-900 cap kit - before MTC-900 cap mislabeled C40 MTC-900 cap kit - after

A cap kit was fitted to the Hantarex MTC-900 chassis during which I noticed that there was a mistake on this version of the deflection PCB - capacitor C40 "+" was incorrect that I cross checked with the schematic and then updated the PCB with a marker.

18/05/2023 - Burn-in test part 1

Zaccaria Eyes upright testing Eyes game PCB fault

Burn-in testing encountered game PCB failure after a few hours. The spare PCB was swapped in and testing continued.

20/05/2023 - Zaccaria Eyes PCB PA20230201 repair

Zaccaria Eyes game PCB on the bench

Using the Arduino ICT reported "E: 4H 4000 01 00". Testing out all the individual RAM found:

Since all the RAM was already socketed I removed all of 4H/4J/4K and swapped in from the passing 4L/4M/4N bank that confirmed there was a bus fault. Reading the inputs and DIP switches worked OK, suggesting a potential bus write fault. Using the ICT to "RAM Write All Lo" and a scope to inspect the display read of the video RAM found that data bits D0 & D1 still contained some high outputs. The data bus write originated from IC 4F (LS245) and a piggyback on IC 4F fixed the RAM test. Replacing IC 4F (LS245) fixed all tests and the game ran on the bench OK for several hours.

20/05/2023 - Burn-in test part 2

Zaccaria Eyes upright

Second time around, the game ran for a full day with no further issues and was ready for the show.