Zaccaria Money Money Maintenance 2018

07/06/2017 - Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show (2018)

Zaccaria games at the Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show

After initial setup on Thursday the game was running OK.

Money Money sync loss

On Friday morning before opening the game has lost sync and wouldn't adjust to lock. I had a spare Money Money PCB to swap in but even with the game PCB replaced there was still no sync lock, suggesting a monitor problem.

Zaccaria Jackrabbit & Money Money in the dead zone

With no spare Hantarex MTC-900E/USA chassis to swap in the game was withdrawn to the dead zone along with its brother :(

25/06/2017 - Monitor chassis #PA20180625 repair

Hantarex MTC-900E/USA on the bench No sync Sync locked

I'd already seen sync problems as a result of bad sync input transistors so I started off suspecting them. A spot check of IC2 (TDA2593) pin 6 matched waveform 3 in the manual OK so attention turned to the sync input transistors. Looking at TR2 (BC237) with the scope suggested base & emitter were OK but very little on the collector. SP13 had a 200mV signal offset at +8V and drop of freezer spray on TR2 caused the signal to jump to 400mV. Replacing TR2 fixed the sync and the chassis ran on the bench for a few hours with no further issues.

08/07/2017 - Monitor chassis installation

Money Money, fixed

Reinstalled back into the cabinet the picture looked good and the game ran for a few hours with no further issues (the front was still wedged & wrapped from the show, hence the reflection letterbox photo).