Zaccaria/Seevend/NSM-Lowen Zaxxon Maintenance 2021

27/05/2022 - Pre-show testing

MTC-900 bleeder leaking

Pre-show testing revealed very loud audio hum. This cabinet had always had some background audio hum but it had become much worse. The 1B1126 power supply had already had a cap kit fitted that had little effect. The first step was to determine if this was a game PCB issue or a cabinet issue by testing the spare game PCB on the bench and trying it in the cabinet.

On the bench spare PCB #PA20180802 was completely dead with the power supply shut down. Checking with a meter found the +12V supply line dead short to GND. Disconnecting the video PCB confirmed that the short was on the top main PCB. The PCB was set aside.

Going back to the game PCB in the cabinet then discovered that the Hantarex MTC-900 monitor bleeder was leaking HV as had recently happened with Hustler. I had no more spare bleeders to hand and with only a few days remaining until the show there wasn't enough time to work through all the issues. The game was withdrawn from the 2022 show.

Zaxxon Maintenance 2022